The Message (collaboration)

This is an older piece. A collaboration with myself and a poetic friend, Trina.

The Message

I’m like that Hip Hop
And I don’t stop
When I write a rhyme
It’s a sure shot

And if you listen close
You’ll hear the beat most
But the message is
The final guidepost

Written on the wall
Fuck the protocol
Court is now in session
Giving you a lesson

I’m not a politician
So I’m on a mission
To liberate ya
Educate ya

To the false illusion
Of equal inclusion
From unjust judicial lies
To empty freedom cries
America considered to be
The promised grand prize

But race casts the final vote
Nationally acquired anecdote|
Used as time passes
To uphold division of the masses

So poetry is my choice
Vehicle used to give me voice
To address our fatalism
By way of poetic lyricism

Call me the lethal lyricist
And I won’t quit
When I drop the mic
You call me the shit

And if you catch my flow
You’ll feel the love below
The meaning might get muted
But the message is in stereo

Blowing out the speakers
Fuck the leaders
Revolution is for television
Heading toward world division

And I’m not a mathematician
So I’m looking for provisions
To emancipate ya
Elevate ya

To the secret decisions
Of those with a vision
From eradicating the wise
To silencing the unborn cries
America once held in esteem
The rainbow in the sky

But money dictates the rules
Powerfully hungry well-to-do
Playing chess with our lives
To keep their silk pockets lined

So poetry is my formation
The channel I choose to release frustration
About our current state of affairs
By way of poetic prayers.

June 2016
© Kiana Donae & Trina Emigh

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Interview with Untamed Publishing

For 2017 I want to be more active in guest blogging, taking part in author interviews and submitting my poetry more places.

Today I want to share an author interview I recently took part in with Untamed Publishing. They were a pleasure to interview for and very professional. Any author’s out there interested in interviewing with them, can use their Contact form on the website.

Without further chit chat…you can read my Interview ~~> Here.

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This is an old piece. But I was reminded today that words can be powerful… healing….needed. And the reason I write is to share my voice. May these words reach who they need to.


Here we are again
same place
same space
we’ve been here before
we can predict outcomes
and come
to conclusions
without thinking
directed by emotion
no stone unturned
no words unspoken
hurling unstable insults
until hands are placed
around fragile necks
palms across soft cheeks
lips red and bloody
fists scarred
hearts muddy
clouded by what we thought
was love…
here we are again
same night
same fight
caught in a web
of wicked attraction
neither willing to give in
or just too stubborn
to admit defeat
too single minded
to concede
afraid to breathe
we can’t agree to disagree
I’m terrified this perverse affair
won’t be complete
until we no longer cease
to exist
just maybe then
we might have one night of peace.

May 2014
© Kiana Donae

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*if you or someone you know needs help, call the National Abuse Hotline 1-800-799-7233

Nothing Left to Say

Nothing Left to Say


He used to never beg for me to stay
He used to hold me from night til day
He used to say this was more than play
He used to only smile my way
He used to watch my hips sway
He used to grab me in the hallway
He used to leave his lust on display
He used to feast on me like a buffet
He used to treat me like I was gourmet
He used to demand foreplay before the entree
He used to be the happy ending to my bad days
He used to tell me I gave him a heartache
He used to find any and every way
He used to call me his sexy little sweet thang
He used to talk about his dreams and “somedays”
He used to call me his refuge after his work day
He used to slow wine me like smooth sounds of reggae
He used to come back for more like an instant replay
He used to promise he could never go astray
Until yesterday….

We used to come together every night Monday thru Sunday
We used to write our passion on the walls like an essay
We used to rip our clothes off at the doorway
We used to make love until we couldn’t think straight
We used to meet each other halfway
We used to ignore the gossip and the hearsay
We used to be perfect together like ice cream and cake
We used to be all give no take
We used to be right on time no delay
Until today…..

Now he’s begging me to stay
but there’s nothing left to say.

November 2016
© Kiana Donae


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The Deep End

Wrote this back in 2015. Over a year ago, but figured I’d share, cuz I’m in a sharing mood tonight. #loveandink

The Deep End

go in deep
while sleep alludes us
passion consumes us
is it too hot in here
are we too gone to care
the objects in the mirror
are farther than they appear
because we’ve transcended
risen above ourselves
and I can see us in the throes
go in deeper
make me believe
you’re actually a keeper
my senses are heightened
my mind is frightened
and my body is yours
ooohh give it to me sweetly
like honey drips from trees
my bud drips at your touch
fingers linger a little too much
at the opening of me
circling and hovering
until plunging
go in deep
keep searching for dreams
that are held in the very center
of my being
buried where only you can reach
shared only between these sheets
at least
that’s what I like to believe
and right now I don’t really care
go ahead
pull my hair and
yasssss ooohh right there
go in deeper
chase away all our fears
before you go to seek her
my dream is ending
my heart is overextending
and my body is yours
so before you go
just go in deeply.

September 2015
© Kiana Donae

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*artwork found through Google search, banner made using the artwork created by myself

For You

For You


I would have turned myself inside out
for you
would have crossed oceans
walked through the fire
and bridged miles
for you
only you
you approached me with desire
and a mouth full of forevers
promises you never kept
creeping around while I slept

your honey dipped lips
dripped plans of our future
sweet and satisfying
giving me a sugar high sheen
glowing and buzzing
trapped in your hive of lies
much to my demise
and surprise
your honeyed whispers
were really forked-tongue punctures

I could have fulfilled all the dreams
for you
could have conquered nations
stepped through the hate
and sealed fate
for you
only you
you came to me like a heavyweight
with a heart full of treasures
tokens that are better spent
on memories of our ascent

your warm inviting touch
clutched tender around our lives
savory and comforting
selling me down home cooking
filling and amusing
caught by your bait and switch
I fell for your pitch
and slipped
your full-bodied intimacies
were really hollow filled fantasies

I should have anchored down my heart
for you
should have padlocked sensitivity
opened up my perceptivity
and secured Me
for you
only you
you brought the crash of negativity
and a soul full of empty gestures
vows I should have measured first
before my pen wrote this verse
for you.


November 2016
© Kiana Donae


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*artwork by ShortFantasyChick on Deviant



Let Me Love You

Some might call it eerie that as soon as I post about having writer’s block that I’m hit with inspiration so that I can write. I call it the Universe answering my plea’s. So thank you to the Universe for sending me what my soul has been needing. ♥ Enjoy

Let Me Love You


Let me love you.
Just let me love you
like only I know how to do.
No homo
No hetero
This is only about souls.
This is about our existence
from the instance we became substance.
I matter.
You matter.
We be star dust and brilliance.
And my instinct is to love you.
Heal you.
Feel you.
Can you feel me?
Help me.
Let me.
Fulfill my destiny on this plane of coexistence.
I will be persistent
in my mission to love on a consistent basis.
The system doesn’t want this.
The system will work to destroy this.
But the way my heart is set up,
I can’t help but go the distance
and your futile resistance will die trying.
So just give in.
And let me love you.
Let me love you
like only I know how to do.
I promise to let you love me too.

October 2016
© Kiana Donae

Thanks for reading. ♥