Killing Time


Killing Time

Big dreams.
Small lives.
No time for relaxation.
Follow the script’s dictation
caught in a constant rotation,
break formation and savor the day.
Go astray.
Find your way.
Let go of life’s frustrations
and enjoy God’s creation,
love without hesitation and welcome life.
Slow climb.
Avoid strife.
You can worry any time.

Long days.
Short nights.
No time for pleasure.
Follow the clocks measure
for life and forever
lose the true treasure of the moment.
Own it.
Hone it.
Time is the oppressor
for wherever and whenever
you want the most not the lesser of the evil.
Be still.
Free will.
There’s always time to kill.

Open mouths.
Closed Minds.
No time for us to rewind time.
Better get up and live life
spark the flame and ignite
fires of intellect inside your souls.
Change roles.
Fulfill goals.
Take time to learn and grow
cherish moments that go slow,
be open minded to the lesson life’s teaching you.
Break through.
Expand view.
Free your mind before time frees you.

March 2017
© Kiana Donae



*photo courtesy:


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