I think you misread the sign
That I was desperate for you to be mine
So you can keep your main dime
And the rest waiting in your line
Looking for love and money
Or is it money and love in disguise
Rocking fake hair, nails and ass
Taking ecstasy and getting high
Looking for you to buy into the franchise
You’ve been compromised by the lies
But look boy I’m the original prize
Smart, pretty, natural…and full size
You need to be this tall to ride
I swear I don’t need no pint-size
But it ain’t all about the way the sail rise
I need something built for forevers
Ignite my clever
Compliment my better
What do you really treasure
A quick nut…or something worth your effort
I can make you mine
Blow your mind, send you home at daylight
So let me know if you got stage fright
Cause I’m still auditioning for a main guy
If you’re ready for the spotlight
Sit tight…or exit stage right
This is your opening night.

March 2017
© Kiana Donae

thank you for reading


*photo courtesy of Google search, lol*




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