Had to participate in a picture challenge in a poetry group on Facebook to get my ink flowing. Loved the photo and it spoke to me.




she was like night and day
one minute she was happy go lucky
the next she was in a rage
flipped switch
unlocked cage
her face twisted up
her eyes red like flames
no use trying to reason
once she’s noticed your treason
her wrath is upon you
and it’s cussing season
your pleas go unheard
explanations can’t be squeezed in
her clap back game is untested
her neck roll is perfected
fuck yo apologies
she will always be respected
and when she’s done reading you
her pleasant demeanor will resume
flipped switch
temper subdued
she was like night and day
the one you get to view
depends on the loyalty you display.

January 2017
© Kiana Donae


thanks for reading




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