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Like I said earlier this month, I wanted to be more active in guest blogging, author interviews and submitting. Sticking to my plan.

Here is an author interview I did recently for B.K. Maxwell’s site.

You can read it ~~> HERE.

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Had to participate in a picture challenge in a poetry group on Facebook to get my ink flowing. Loved the photo and it spoke to me.




she was like night and day
one minute she was happy go lucky
the next she was in a rage
flipped switch
unlocked cage
her face twisted up
her eyes red like flames
no use trying to reason
once she’s noticed your treason
her wrath is upon you
and it’s cussing season
your pleas go unheard
explanations can’t be squeezed in
her clap back game is untested
her neck roll is perfected
fuck yo apologies
she will always be respected
and when she’s done reading you
her pleasant demeanor will resume
flipped switch
temper subdued
she was like night and day
the one you get to view
depends on the loyalty you display.

January 2017
© Kiana Donae


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The Message (collaboration)

This is an older piece. A collaboration with myself and a poetic friend, Trina.

The Message

I’m like that Hip Hop
And I don’t stop
When I write a rhyme
It’s a sure shot

And if you listen close
You’ll hear the beat most
But the message is
The final guidepost

Written on the wall
Fuck the protocol
Court is now in session
Giving you a lesson

I’m not a politician
So I’m on a mission
To liberate ya
Educate ya

To the false illusion
Of equal inclusion
From unjust judicial lies
To empty freedom cries
America considered to be
The promised grand prize

But race casts the final vote
Nationally acquired anecdote|
Used as time passes
To uphold division of the masses

So poetry is my choice
Vehicle used to give me voice
To address our fatalism
By way of poetic lyricism

Call me the lethal lyricist
And I won’t quit
When I drop the mic
You call me the shit

And if you catch my flow
You’ll feel the love below
The meaning might get muted
But the message is in stereo

Blowing out the speakers
Fuck the leaders
Revolution is for television
Heading toward world division

And I’m not a mathematician
So I’m looking for provisions
To emancipate ya
Elevate ya

To the secret decisions
Of those with a vision
From eradicating the wise
To silencing the unborn cries
America once held in esteem
The rainbow in the sky

But money dictates the rules
Powerfully hungry well-to-do
Playing chess with our lives
To keep their silk pockets lined

So poetry is my formation
The channel I choose to release frustration
About our current state of affairs
By way of poetic prayers.

June 2016
© Kiana Donae & Trina Emigh

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Interview with Untamed Publishing

For 2017 I want to be more active in guest blogging, taking part in author interviews and submitting my poetry more places.

Today I want to share an author interview I recently took part in with Untamed Publishing. They were a pleasure to interview for and very professional. Any author’s out there interested in interviewing with them, can use their Contact form on the website.

Without further chit chat…you can read my Interview ~~> Here.

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