This is an old piece. But I was reminded today that words can be powerful… healing….needed. And the reason I write is to share my voice. May these words reach who they need to.


Here we are again
same place
same space
we’ve been here before
we can predict outcomes
and come
to conclusions
without thinking
directed by emotion
no stone unturned
no words unspoken
hurling unstable insults
until hands are placed
around fragile necks
palms across soft cheeks
lips red and bloody
fists scarred
hearts muddy
clouded by what we thought
was love…
here we are again
same night
same fight
caught in a web
of wicked attraction
neither willing to give in
or just too stubborn
to admit defeat
too single minded
to concede
afraid to breathe
we can’t agree to disagree
I’m terrified this perverse affair
won’t be complete
until we no longer cease
to exist
just maybe then
we might have one night of peace.

May 2014
© Kiana Donae

Thank you for reading


*if you or someone you know needs help, call the National Abuse Hotline 1-800-799-7233