Nothing Left to Say

Nothing Left to Say


He used to never beg for me to stay
He used to hold me from night til day
He used to say this was more than play
He used to only smile my way
He used to watch my hips sway
He used to grab me in the hallway
He used to leave his lust on display
He used to feast on me like a buffet
He used to treat me like I was gourmet
He used to demand foreplay before the entree
He used to be the happy ending to my bad days
He used to tell me I gave him a heartache
He used to find any and every way
He used to call me his sexy little sweet thang
He used to talk about his dreams and “somedays”
He used to call me his refuge after his work day
He used to slow wine me like smooth sounds of reggae
He used to come back for more like an instant replay
He used to promise he could never go astray
Until yesterday….

We used to come together every night Monday thru Sunday
We used to write our passion on the walls like an essay
We used to rip our clothes off at the doorway
We used to make love until we couldn’t think straight
We used to meet each other halfway
We used to ignore the gossip and the hearsay
We used to be perfect together like ice cream and cake
We used to be all give no take
We used to be right on time no delay
Until today…..

Now he’s begging me to stay
but there’s nothing left to say.

November 2016
© Kiana Donae


Thanks for reading.
#loveandink ♥




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