The Deep End

Wrote this back in 2015. Over a year ago, but figured I’d share, cuz I’m in a sharing mood tonight. #loveandink

The Deep End

go in deep
while sleep alludes us
passion consumes us
is it too hot in here
are we too gone to care
the objects in the mirror
are farther than they appear
because we’ve transcended
risen above ourselves
and I can see us in the throes
go in deeper
make me believe
you’re actually a keeper
my senses are heightened
my mind is frightened
and my body is yours
ooohh give it to me sweetly
like honey drips from trees
my bud drips at your touch
fingers linger a little too much
at the opening of me
circling and hovering
until plunging
go in deep
keep searching for dreams
that are held in the very center
of my being
buried where only you can reach
shared only between these sheets
at least
that’s what I like to believe
and right now I don’t really care
go ahead
pull my hair and
yasssss ooohh right there
go in deeper
chase away all our fears
before you go to seek her
my dream is ending
my heart is overextending
and my body is yours
so before you go
just go in deeply.

September 2015
© Kiana Donae

Thanks for reading.


*artwork found through Google search, banner made using the artwork created by myself

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