For You

For You


I would have turned myself inside out
for you
would have crossed oceans
walked through the fire
and bridged miles
for you
only you
you approached me with desire
and a mouth full of forevers
promises you never kept
creeping around while I slept

your honey dipped lips
dripped plans of our future
sweet and satisfying
giving me a sugar high sheen
glowing and buzzing
trapped in your hive of lies
much to my demise
and surprise
your honeyed whispers
were really forked-tongue punctures

I could have fulfilled all the dreams
for you
could have conquered nations
stepped through the hate
and sealed fate
for you
only you
you came to me like a heavyweight
with a heart full of treasures
tokens that are better spent
on memories of our ascent

your warm inviting touch
clutched tender around our lives
savory and comforting
selling me down home cooking
filling and amusing
caught by your bait and switch
I fell for your pitch
and slipped
your full-bodied intimacies
were really hollow filled fantasies

I should have anchored down my heart
for you
should have padlocked sensitivity
opened up my perceptivity
and secured Me
for you
only you
you brought the crash of negativity
and a soul full of empty gestures
vows I should have measured first
before my pen wrote this verse
for you.


November 2016
© Kiana Donae


Thanks for reading.

*artwork by ShortFantasyChick on Deviant




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