Let Me Love You

Some might call it eerie that as soon as I post about having writer’s block that I’m hit with inspiration so that I can write. I call it the Universe answering my plea’s. So thank you to the Universe for sending me what my soul has been needing. ♥ Enjoy

Let Me Love You


Let me love you.
Just let me love you
like only I know how to do.
No homo
No hetero
This is only about souls.
This is about our existence
from the instance we became substance.
I matter.
You matter.
We be star dust and brilliance.
And my instinct is to love you.
Heal you.
Feel you.
Can you feel me?
Help me.
Let me.
Fulfill my destiny on this plane of coexistence.
I will be persistent
in my mission to love on a consistent basis.
The system doesn’t want this.
The system will work to destroy this.
But the way my heart is set up,
I can’t help but go the distance
and your futile resistance will die trying.
So just give in.
And let me love you.
Let me love you
like only I know how to do.
I promise to let you love me too.

October 2016
© Kiana Donae

Thanks for reading. ♥




Writer’s Block?

It’s often inevitable. As a writer you are bound to get caught up in life or issues or whatever to the point that you just cannot write. No matter how many times you sit down at the PC or table or with your phone, no words come out.

That’s where I am. Currently fighting whatever has dried up my pen to the point of needing some type of Native American rain dance to open up the poetry skies.

I need some type of bridge to close the gap from writing to non-writing land.

Send help. Or fairy dust. Or Unicorn farts or whatever shit can help jump start my pen.