Sun Goddess

When the pen is inspired there is no stopping it. I love when my contemporaries inspire me, either through their words or their lives. This is for the beautiful Evie Storm. Luv ya to life ❤


Sun Goddess


I want to wrap her in moonbeams
And hang her in the sky
Lighting up the night
But she deserves more than stars
For she is the sun
And her glow is eternal
Her body is beautiful
This is more than physical
She radiates the light
That causes the stars to chase night
And find refuge in the day
She captures the reflection
That gives rainbows their curved direction
To push the clouds away
She blaze.
She slays the darkness.
All day.
Burning bright.
Cover your face.
But don’t blink.
Or you might miss her glitter.
Lean back.
Soak her up.
Let her give your skin a shimmer.

Watch her light pass from each blade of grass and get lost in her brilliance
Take in the strength of her resilience
Flash and dance on the glass while the moon lingers in the distance

She is a Goddess
A supreme existence
Made to be exquisite
And in this instance I am glad to call her a Queen.
Sun Goddess Supreme.
Let your light be love for all the world to see.

July 2016

© Kiana Donae


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