Shots Fired

If there is one thing I believe about poetry and having this gift is that I am here to share my voice. Poetry is powerful. It has the power to heal and change. And my voice is valid in this sometimes senseless world. So I’m here today to share that voice.

Shots Fired


why are we forbidden
to go home alive
why can’t we walk away
from their disdain and pride
every time I turn on the news
another black life
moments caught on camera
moments caught on tape
and yet we can’t even get off the ground alive
to see the next day
what the fuck is wrong with the world
when rapists walk free
terrorists are taken in, fed and cleaned
and for the gorilla we mourn and weep
but for the black family
there’s no sensitivity
no disparity
no apologies
fuck yo apologies
middle fingers up
that’s how I really feel
that’s what I want to say
so I give my pen the bullets
let the ink spray
and shoot all of them in their face
read the words on this page
fuck yo apologies
sorry not sorry
would you be
could you be
calm when your kids ask about the news
happy go lucky when all you see is people that look like you
beaten, choked, fucking eradicated
one by one
man, woman, and even child
our fucking hands are tied
and our souls are tired
we’ve been beaten and raped
then whipped and chained
fast forward and seems the shit’s still the same
still sacrificing our precious lives
for a small ass piece of the pie
to live in harmony
to truly be free
that’s all we want
so as my bullets rip this page
maybe they’ll reach a safe place
where my people can finally breathe
and actually live to walk away.

July 2016
© Kiana Donae

Rest in Power #AltonSterling

Thank you for reading




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