Hey everyone stopping by to share a piece from my 2nd poetry collection, Love & Ink Vol.2: Reflections. This fits perfect for the Water theme of today’s One Word Prompt. Enjoy!!



As I stand naked in the shower
I’m free.
Only the water left caressing me,
washing me clean.
From life… from him… from dreams.
Here I give the water my release.
My sins… my thoughts… my peace.
Diluted tears stream down my face
as the soap carries the hurt down the drain.
Tears of love… of hope… of pain.
I scrub away the stains
from all the dirty things.
That hurt us.
The lies… the deceit… the mistrust.
But they go deeper than the surface
this water can’t reach us.
We’re drowning in a tub full of regrets
struggling for air in the love that’s left.
And right now all I want is this shower
to cleanse me
to give me release
to let me be free.

December 2014
© Kiana Donae



You read my words, now I want to read yours!

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