Submissions are Open

I am a poet, down to my soul. I love poetry. All Kinds. I love reading it. I love writing it. I love thinking about reading and writing it. Lol

I also love helping others to break out of their shells and start sharing their unique voice. Or just supporting them in various forms if they are already sharing. I will often, share, repost, comment and of course purchase fellow poet’s work. It fills my soul with love to do that for others. I have decided to help give voice to all of us and my goal is to eventually be a go-to poetry journal for all the emerging and lesser-known poets that are out there.

I’ve started Be{Cause} Poetry as an online journal currently. But hoping to transition to e-pub issues and eventually print. I want to not only help lend an area for other poets, but eventually I’d like to be able to give back to various charities from sales of the issues.

If you are a poet and want to help submit to my journal, and I sincerely hope you do, please follow the blog and submit your work. I’d love to feature you all. 😀

Go here ~~>

Thank you

#LoveandInk ♥



You read my words, now I want to read yours!

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