Feeling Myself

A little #WriterCrushWednesday action for ya.

Feeling Myself

*collab from myself and Trina Emigh

I slay shit
Don’t play shit
Got no time for that fake bit
Always real cuz I got wit
Never ever been called a counterfeit
Despise me a hypocrite
You either with me or you not legit

And I never quit
Got awareness to transmit
So through words I spit

Infinite tool kit
I must admit
Too prolific to outwit
And for you I submit
My holy writ

No bullshit
It’ll ground you like a circuit
Cuz I’m a natural conduit
Conductor in an orchestra pit
Consider me like a benefit
Here to rid you of your deficit
Like an unexpected tax credit
This here, my cockpit
Transporting us into orbit


Yes I am The Great
No EST needed, other’s can’t equate
And I can see you filled with hate
So my pen stay ready to annihilate
But first, let me demonstrate
And if you missed it, you late
Cuz this Goddess don’t wait

My ink flows like a flood gate
Bringing you knowledge at a fast rate
You might just need to calibrate

Catch ya pens up, activate
I ain’t no lightweight
Too strategic to debate
But for you I will restate
My divine trait

No paperweights
I leave bodies as I decimate
Inhale me like smoke let me permeate
Like baby mommas on section eight
Consider me the Head of State
I’m not here to liberate
Like raising the tax rates
This is Truth incarnate
And I’m only here to motivate


April 2016
© Kiana Donae & Trina Emigh



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