Purple Monsters

This is a piece I wrote last year about my feelings on my son having epilepsy. When he started having seizures we didn’t know that’s what they were, he always said he felt like he was turning into a monster. That is where the title came from and since Epilepsy Awareness ribbons are purple I put that together.

Purple Monsters

mommy i think i’ve got a “monster” inside me
it feels as if it’s controlling me
every time I start to shake
the “monster” seems to be awake

can you tell me why I feel this way
why I can’t control my arms or legs
whenever the “monster” comes out to play
can you please just make him go away

i don’t want this “monster” to come out and play
not here at school, no not today
i just want to enjoy my recess
and not have to sit down and rest

mommy could you put the “monster” in time out
and never ever let him come out
i’m so tired of the “monster”  inside me
i hope they find a cure for this, please…

My sweet child it’s killing me
I feel helpless and I feel weak
To watch the “monster”  take control
Leaves my heart with a gaping hole

Doctor can you please explain
Why my child has these things
Doctor can you put an end
To all the terrible things within

I can’t stand to watch my child like this
It all just feels like an evil trick
All I do is pray for an end
To the “monster” living inside him

Son I wish I could take this monster away
Right here and now, yes I would do it today
If my prayers are answered the “monster” will flee
I really hope they find a cure for this and soon…..Please.

February 2015
© Kiana Donae



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