Prime Time

“To be inspiration is a great thing, but to be Inspired is Heaven.” – Kiana Donae

I love when I’m inspired by a fellow poet’s work. Especially when they are talented in their own right AND I call them friend. I’ve known Evie Storm for it seems like forever and I’ve always loved the passion she puts into her words. This is in response to her piece entitled, Gold Time which you can read HERE.

Prime Time

Come and be one with me, while we ascend to a level of supreme peace.
No intimacy out of our reach as we explore the vibrations of our being.
One body is ours
One rhythm
One tongue
One thought
One heart
One soul
One feeling
One love.
I want to roam within our walls
And paint masterpieces as our souls speak.
I only knew how to write of love that was told to me.
I only knew how to write of love that became nonexistent.
I only knew how to write of love that let me fully understand it.
So embrace this shit.
I acknowledge we are it.
We both commit.
Moon lit.
Smoked out. Marley “One Love” rasta flow.
Let’s get together, and never let go.
Our ending is our beginning as infinity goes
around the Earth’s axis, as our Universes juxtapose.

I won’t let go because I can’t let go, ever.
I’m yours, whatever, wherever, whenever, forever.

Let me kiss your soul.
Wrap my legs around your body,
Bestow you with my yoni to praise, cover you in Heaven for days.

The ‘whole’ of us is easy. Let’s be love.
The ‘whole’ of us is inscribed, so this is what we are deserving of.
The ‘whole’ of us is Whole, only we can be the love we are manifested of.
I wish we would.
You wish we could.
Everything is everything, so we should.

May 2016
© Kiana Donae



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