Black Unicorn

I’ve been writing these past few days like a maniac, thanks to some inspiration from my poetic twin. Our pens have a vibe so strong sometimes it surprises even me. We’ve never met in person or even talked on the phone, but when we write you’d think we were ONE in the SAME.

So here’s one we wrote recently….for my daughter who a boy at school (predominantly white) called her a “black unicorn” in a racially charged situation.
Black Unicorn

(her part – Trina)
Gracefully effervescent
More than just a dream
Mythologically idolized
The cause for rainbows to appear
And the sun to beam
I’m a Black Unicorn
Proud and true
My appearance obviously distracts the likes of you
Wising you could shine
The way that I do
I’m a Black Unicorn
Through and through
Powerful enough to cavalierly dismiss the likes of you
With a click of my heel
It’s a done deal
You’re a forgotten detail
Wishing I was no more than just a fairytale
But I’m real
So to your fortune, you’ve been graced by my presence
Able to stand in the rapture of my ethereal essence
And bear witness
To others that you’ve seen; the likes of a living Queen
A Beautiful Black Unicorn
Subconsciously you’re thanking the Heavens that I was born

(my part- Kiana Donae)
Charmingly whimsical
A vision from your sweet dreams
Fancifully imitated
The reason for fantasy to emerge
And creation to gleam
I am the Black Unicorn
Chasing noble moonbeams
My appearance will perplex the likes of you
Causing you to stop
At the way I move
I am the Black Unicorn
Legendary truth
Impressive enough to humbly reject the likes of you
With the nod of my head
It can instill fear and dread
You’ve been gravely hoodwinked
Hoping the stories you heard were inaccurate
But here I stand
Aren’t you lucky, you’ve been blessed with my luminescence
Able to witness the internal fire of my magic
And tell the tale
To others that you’ve seen, the likes of a living Queen
The Beautiful Black Unicorn
You will thank the Heavens that I was born.

April 2016
© Kiana Donae & Trina Emigh




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