Inking Souls

Inking Souls


Fuck tattooed skin
I leave my ink on souls.
So good it leaves a glow
Marksmen precision.
Does your Soul have the Glo?
Oh you don’t know?
About the power found
within a poet’s pen?
About how we transform art
into heart and back into art again?
Nah, you didn’t know that inking
souls was Heaven sent.
Transcending above the clouds.
No need to be so loud.
No need to be so brash.
Language was made perfect
and my ink is built to last.
I was made to push boundaries and cross lines.
Dot the eyes and leave your soul hypnotized.
And if I can make you feel something
well then consider yourself baptized.
Washed in the blood of a poet’s soul.
Got you one step closer to Heaven’s door.
Because there is power in poetry
and I carry a big pen.
I heard words are like little Gods.
So are you ready to confess your sins?

January 2016
© Kiana Donae



You read my words, now I want to read yours!

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