Day 5 – NaPoWriMo 2016

You can find all about NaPoWriMo and the prompts I’m following (sometimes) this month HERE.

~~~~ here is my piece ~~~~

Behind Enemy Lines


I pledged my allegiance
Honored and true,
To fight for our flag
Of red white and blue,
But somewhere I was lead astray
This organization was rotten and decayed

I was ravished and plundered
Defiled and put asunder

Drunk with power
His authority superseded,
My rights
…my civil liberties,
He dominated and took privy
Violated my inner being

His covert actions
Left me battered, bruised, and vacant

Reporting my assault and shame
I quickly learned
Rank outweighed rape,
Red tape covered my case,
And when I made noise
They silenced my claims

Returned me as a civilian
Shattered, broken, and dazed

No honorable discharge
They had tainted my name,
Claimed I made passes
Flirted and flaunted my assets,
That I got what I asked for
As a woman in the corps

How pompous and circumstantial
That rape is an occupational hazard

I bare his scars
Mentally and physically,
I recall painfully,
The indecent violation
He ravaged onto me

Leaving behind shrapnel
Of demons and instability      

His supremacy pummeling into me,
While screams from my lips
Were overlooked or unheard,
No sirens for my safety,
No missions planned to save me

My commander, now my archenemy.
© Kiana Donae (2014)

*I went off prompt today to bring you all a poem from my first collection, Love & Ink (2014). April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month and it’s a subject close to my spirit. This piece isn’t about me, but I was inspired by both the documentary The Invisible War and incidents that hit close to home. 


6 thoughts on “Day 5 – NaPoWriMo 2016

  1. CC Champagne says:

    A very powerful poem, Kiana, and an incredibly important message. It almost feels wrong to like it, but it is one of those poems that may just never go away.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. jennjilks says:

    Wow. A powerful poem. Take back your power. Writing is so healing, I find.
    We have had these issues in Canada, too. Primarily with the RCMP. Yet, we’ve had women in positions of authority for years.

    Liked by 1 person

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