Day 28 – NaPoWriMo 2016

You can find all about NaPoWriMo and the prompts I’m following (sometimes) this month HERE.

~~~~ here is my piece ~~~~

She was only missing for a short time
and she thought she might die
she crashed through the windshield
veered off course and couldn’t gain control
she screamed at the tree coming her way
and she threw her phone right out the window
she started to cry at the reminders of love
she screamed at the thoughts of him
veered off course while looking for true love
she crashed through the barriers he’d built
and she thought she might die from this heartbreak
she was only missing for a short time.
© Kiana Donae
*Today I’d like to challenge you to write a poem that tells a story. But here’s the twist – the story should be told backwards.




Black Unicorn

I’ve been writing these past few days like a maniac, thanks to some inspiration from my poetic twin. Our pens have a vibe so strong sometimes it surprises even me. We’ve never met in person or even talked on the phone, but when we write you’d think we were ONE in the SAME.

So here’s one we wrote recently….for my daughter who a boy at school (predominantly white) called her a “black unicorn” in a racially charged situation.
Black Unicorn

(her part – Trina)
Gracefully effervescent
More than just a dream
Mythologically idolized
The cause for rainbows to appear
And the sun to beam
I’m a Black Unicorn
Proud and true
My appearance obviously distracts the likes of you
Wising you could shine
The way that I do
I’m a Black Unicorn
Through and through
Powerful enough to cavalierly dismiss the likes of you
With a click of my heel
It’s a done deal
You’re a forgotten detail
Wishing I was no more than just a fairytale
But I’m real
So to your fortune, you’ve been graced by my presence
Able to stand in the rapture of my ethereal essence
And bear witness
To others that you’ve seen; the likes of a living Queen
A Beautiful Black Unicorn
Subconsciously you’re thanking the Heavens that I was born

(my part- Kiana Donae)
Charmingly whimsical
A vision from your sweet dreams
Fancifully imitated
The reason for fantasy to emerge
And creation to gleam
I am the Black Unicorn
Chasing noble moonbeams
My appearance will perplex the likes of you
Causing you to stop
At the way I move
I am the Black Unicorn
Legendary truth
Impressive enough to humbly reject the likes of you
With the nod of my head
It can instill fear and dread
You’ve been gravely hoodwinked
Hoping the stories you heard were inaccurate
But here I stand
Aren’t you lucky, you’ve been blessed with my luminescence
Able to witness the internal fire of my magic
And tell the tale
To others that you’ve seen, the likes of a living Queen
The Beautiful Black Unicorn
You will thank the Heavens that I was born.

April 2016
© Kiana Donae & Trina Emigh



Inking Souls

Inking Souls


Fuck tattooed skin
I leave my ink on souls.
So good it leaves a glow
Marksmen precision.
Does your Soul have the Glo?
Oh you don’t know?
About the power found
within a poet’s pen?
About how we transform art
into heart and back into art again?
Nah, you didn’t know that inking
souls was Heaven sent.
Transcending above the clouds.
No need to be so loud.
No need to be so brash.
Language was made perfect
and my ink is built to last.
I was made to push boundaries and cross lines.
Dot the eyes and leave your soul hypnotized.
And if I can make you feel something
well then consider yourself baptized.
Washed in the blood of a poet’s soul.
Got you one step closer to Heaven’s door.
Because there is power in poetry
and I carry a big pen.
I heard words are like little Gods.
So are you ready to confess your sins?

January 2016
© Kiana Donae


Can I Mourn

I know I’ve been slacking on NaPoWriMo. Life’s been, Life. And then something happened yesterday that has caused all life goings on to cease. Our beloved (well my beloved) Prince, the Artist Formerly Known As, The Purple One has left our plane of Earth. My timeline on FB has been flooded with so many posts, gifs, memes, song lyrics etc that I’ve loved every bit. And I know many people don’t get it. Many people just shrug and go “but you didn’t even know him” or “I’m not going to get that bent outta shape over any celeb”…and simply to them I say, you just don’t get it and probably never will.

As a poet I’m in love with words. And what is music other than words in motion. So to me it’s natural that I am also a lover of music. Die hard music head. So music touches me. And for most, music next to love is a universal language. So yes, many of us are in shock after the news. Many of us are taking over your FB timelines to make it “rain” purple. If you don’t like it, oh well.

But if you want to try to understand, here goes:

This is why we mourn. Why We listen to their songs and watch all their videos&movies after we hear the news of their passing.

They are a part of our lives. Maybe not directly. Maybe we didn’t see them at our grandma’s house on Christmas. Maybe we didn’t meet them in person. But their spirits are infused with ours. We can recall memories of moments and in those moments there are bits of their song lyrics. We remember days that devastated us and their tunes would instantly give us a bit of friendly console. We look at our pictures and even though we don’t see them in those pictures, we know they were there with us that day at the cookout, at the game, at the Prom. We listened to their music before we could even appreciate that they were legends, we listened to their music when we learned to drive, the day we had our first kiss or at the wedding

They are infused into our WHOLE lives so much that they feel like family, because music and words touch you in places you’d never even know how deep. Why do you think they tell mother’s to read aloud while pregnant, or listen to music on their bellies, because those vibrations transcend physical touch. Those vibrations can heal, give hope, or hold your hand through heartbreak.

So when we lose one of the greats it really does hurt. So we pull out those old records, tapes, CDs and DVDs and pay homage to them the only way we know how…..through the way they came into our lives.

RIParadise Prince Nelson Rogers. The Earth will not be the same without you, but we thank you for your impact on our hearts. I thank you for infusing your soul into mine with your genius and talent. And your uniqueness.



I know I’ll be watching Purple Rain and Under the Cherry Moon in the next days and weeks to come, and listening to all of his music. I’ll be mourning the way I know how.


Day 10 – NaPoWriMo 2016

You can find all about NaPoWriMo and the prompts I’m following (sometimes) this month HERE. I used alternating colors for the book titles in both my virtual and physical bookshelves.

~~~~ here is my piece ~~~~

Dear Royals, Panhandlers and Hopeful Souls
The Cracked Hearts Club is now in session
Only Time Will Tell
if The Madness In Love
will be revealed
Get A Grip
don’t let
Flashes Of Emotion
cause a Game Over
Never Again, No More
a Beautiful Fixation
Birthing Inadequacy
The Girl In Between
What Goes Around
that Timeless Clock
of Relationship Status
Falling Into You
means We Tied Forever
Mists of Sense Require Fierce Posey
In Between
Love and Ink
© Kiana Donae

*write a “book spine” poem. This involves taking a look at your bookshelves, and writing down titles in order (or rearranging the titles) to create a poem.

Day 8 – NaPoWriMo 2016

You can find all about NaPoWriMo and the prompts I’m following (sometimes) this month HERE.

~~~~ here is my piece ~~~~

Pretty little blooms
Lay dormant beneath the ground
Waiting for spring’s song

Winter won’t let go
Frost and snow still stake their claim
Covering the Earth

No lilies to see
No blooms to sniff, snip or preen
No thumbs to turn green

When will winter leave
These snow showers are all wrong
Wishing for spring’s song.
© Kiana Donae

*add your own poem to this long tradition, by finding a flower, and versifying in its honor